Carbon Footprint

Although in recent years awareness has increased about why a green and environmentally friendly lifestyle is important, people still have many doubts about it and the necessary measures are not always taken.

Carbon Footprint

The good news is that more and more companies are joining the environmental cause through incentives, products and services that help offset their carbon footprint, making it more viable to reduce the impact of climate change. Today we will see how to reduce your carbon footprint and make an unforgettable Christmas gift at the same time.

What is the Carbon Footprint?

The carbon footprint is an indicator that refers to the amount of CO2 emitted by an individual, organization, event or product and serves to measure the impact that these have on the environment.

Through our consumption and lifestyle, we emit greenhouse gases (GHG). For example, when we buy pants, a computer or travel an aeroplane, we are contributing, to a greater or lesser extent, to CO2 emissions.

All our actions have an impact on the environment and, therefore, it is important that we are aware of the products we choose to buy or the means of transport we use. There are even calculators that measure in kilos of carbon dioxide the amounts of CO2 emissions that occur due to a specific action or lifestyle of a person.

To do our bit to curb pollution and avoid the effect of climate change, it is important to offset our carbon footprint. Above all, considering that around 50% of the CO2 emitted into the atmosphere takes 30 years to disappear; 30% last several centuries and 20% last thousands of years.

How to offset the Carbon Footprint?

The reality is that carbon dioxide, in addition to being a pollutant for the environment, is also an important nutrient for plants and trees. The problem is that the CO2 emissions generated by humans exceed the absorption capacity of the vegetation. So how do you reduce your carbon footprint? With environmental initiatives that allow the reforestation of forests, the planting of trees and, in general, that increase the vegetation on the planet.

At, we show you the Eco Rating score that is assigned to mobile phones taking into account the processes of obtaining the raw material, transport to the production plant, manufacture of the device, its packaging, transport and use. A higher score will indicate a lower carbon footprint.

Although this will not eliminate environmental pollution overnight, in the long run, as more people and organizations support these movements, we will achieve a cleaner and purer atmosphere. Now, another way to contribute to the environment through sustainable technology. But what is this about?

The sustainable technology is related to replacing polluting energy sources by renewable. For example, nowadays the use of paper is avoided and more digital sources are used. Just as a virtual meeting is implemented through digital means, instead of using a fuel-powered vehicle for a small meeting.

By buying and giving away from, people have the opportunity to offset the carbon footprint generated by the manufacture of the devices they acquire. Our initiative is to offer three environmental compensation projects to people, among which they can choose one with which they most identify.

The projects include forest conservation, reforestation or agriculture programs, so that every time you shop at, you will be helping the planet while giving something special and unique to your loved ones. This is the time to give away or buy technology knowing that you are doing what you can to reduce environmental pollution.