Electromagnetic Wave

Today more than ever, both for work and for pleasure, our life is conditioned by technology increasingly advanced and constantly updated. So as to condition, in each of us at Techy2Tech, frequent renewal of the devices we use in our daily activities, from ‘inevitable smartphone to tablet, from laptop to PC as well as, of course, the most common household appliances, which no one could do without.

Electromagnetic Wave

The physical force capable of moving all this set of devices, making them functional, ensuring connections and connections, is called the electromagnetic field, and the set of waves that propagate the energy constitutes its spectrum.

Electromagnetic waves of natural origin

To feed itself, the electromagnetic field needs sources, artificial, of course, but also natural. Often, in fact, it is believed that these emissions are only a phenomenon linked to the various technologies created by man, such as X-rays, for example, used in diagnostics, or television and radio antennas, or even base stations for mobile telephones. All correct of course, but, it is good to know, there are also natural electromagnetic fields, of strong intensity, even if of short duration, generated by the static atmospheric field, supported by terrestrial magnetism and solar radiation. Let’s just think, for example, of the electrical charge produced by lightning during a strong storm and the damage it can cause if we do not protect our home from lightning and appliances from the resulting voltage fluctuations.

In this article, after having illustrated the main details, we will analyze the specific characteristics of electromagnetic fields, including the types of waves present in the environment, we will present a hint of the characteristics of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technologies, and of the transmission standards of mobile telephony. , to which powerful transmitters correspond and to which, especially with regard to the upcoming 5G, are often associated with perplexities related to the possible danger of electromagnetic fields.

What is an electromagnetic field?

The basis is, perhaps, only apparently trivial: an electromagnetic field is the combination of an electric and a magnetic source. From a practical point of view, it can be said that electric and magnetic fields are found wherever electric currents flow, that is, for example, in household circuits, in any electrical appliance, or in high-voltage lines.

Let’s break down the details:

The electric field: whose unit of measurement is the volt per meter (V / m), is created by the difference in voltage, or potential, due to the presence of one or more electric charges, which cause the electrons to thrust to power the energy. . It is easily shielded and potentially braked, in its power, by normal materials and objects of common use, such as wood, metal, furniture or walls. The electric field, whose strength increases in direct proportion to the increase in voltage, is produced even if the device to which it is connected is momentarily switched off.

Anatomy of an Electromagnetic Wave

The magnetic field: measured in microtesla (μT), is generated by the transit and circulation of electric current through cables and devices, the origin of the flow of electrons, increasing in intensity the higher the current itself. Contrary to the electric field, the magnetic field is not stopped by common materials and furnishings, so much so that it can easily pass through partition walls and walls of buildings, and is produced only by switching on a device, that is when the passage of electric current.

And it is precisely the union of these two elements that give rise to the definition of electromagnetic fields, widespread and present everywhere in the environment, generated by natural sources, such as the energy accumulated in the atmosphere after a storm, for example, but also by many artificial, numerous and articulated, coming from the most common household appliances or technological and health devices.

Best Anonymous Chat Apps

Today, free messaging applications are the order of the day. Some are more popular than others, but always depending on the country. For example, in China, there is no one without Wechat, and in South Korea, absolutely everyone chats for free with KakaoTalk.

Best Anonymous Chat Apps

Today we are going to present you a few apps to chat for free, with friends or strangers, you can send free SMS, call for free from the Internet or send free videos (and much more) with these mobile applications. Pay attention!

The Best Mobile Chat Applications Android and iPhone

WhatsApp, the free messaging app par excellence

WhatsApp does not even require a presentation. Today without WhatsApp you are nobody. Everyone uses it – sometimes indiscriminately – to quickly communicate with family and friends.

You can make groups of many people and thus have your family, cousins, coworkers, moms and dads from school or your group of friends, all in the same conversation. Free messages can be sent between WhatsApp users. Although it was paid for a while, now it is completely free.

You will be able to talk to whoever you want (it will notify you if the tool is installed by any of your contacts) as long as you have a data or WiFi Internet connection. You can also call your contacts for free.


The line is another of those free messaging apps that go hand in hand with WhatsApp, Viber or Telegram, among others. Its operation is similar: the app synchronizes the contacts in your calendar and tells you who has Line installed. From there, you can start chatting.

You can send free messages and call your contacts for free, at any time and at any time of the day. You can also make video calls (individual or group). In addition to being able to send any multimedia element that comes to mind, we will be able to discover its funny free emoticons and stickers. Not to be missed!


Wechat is a free instant messaging app that works as a social network at the same time. It is similar to WhatsApp with a bit of Facebook.


The app allows a free individual or group calls (with other users of the app), group chats, a gallery of emoticons (each more original) and the sending of multimedia messages, either video, photo or audio.

In addition, it does not require any type of subscription, it is a free chat app and has strong security and privacy barrier (it is the only messaging tool approved by Trustee ). In the “Moments” section you can see the photos that someone else uploads, what they are thinking or their favourite videos.

You can talk for free with friends and family, but you can also meet people with the “radar”, “close people” and “shake” (shake). Its real-time location and addictive games make it one of the most popular free chat programs.

Yodel, would you rather be anonymous?

The Yodel application is one of those curious ones that we discover one day. We include it in our list despite not being like the previous ones.

The user community sends messages (yodels) for free to the rest of the community, with things that they see, think or want to comment on. And all in real-time. As a user, you can chat with others anonymously and vote positive or negative for their comment.

The more positive votes, the more likely the comment will appear publicly. You earn karma points until you become a true Yodel master. It does not require registration, no profile, or anything. Find out what others think and say yours anonymously with Yodel.

Activate Crackle Account

Nowadays, streaming channels are a priority for everyone to avail of the broad-spectrum of entertainment through online mode. As a matter of fact, with a huge enthusiasm towards the latest live shows and online movies, each day, users are anticipating a lot from the channels. In this league, Sony launches its Streaming service named Sony Crackle that lets you stream online movies and watch TV shows for free. Here in this article, we have mentioned the proven steps on how to set up www.crackle.com activate for your devices. Before getting into the steps, let’s look at the features and functions offered by Sony Crackle.

Activate Crackle Account

To set up and Sony Crackle Roku Activate or on any other device is by following a simple procedure. A lot of users have reported issues with the Sonycrackle com activate code. Whether you don’t know how to go through the Sony Crackle activation code process or if you are having issues while generating the Sony crackle activate code. In this guide, we will teach you how to get the Sony Crackle activation code.

Crackle Supported Devices

You can only be able to generate a crackle activation code if you have the following Crackle supported devices outlined below. Once you generate the code, then type the code displayed on your TV screen on www.crackle.com/activate and select your Sonycrackle.com/activate TV provider’s network. The supported devices include

  • Apple TV
  • Roku
  • Chromecast
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Sony Blu-ray players
  • Xbox One
  • Xbox 360
  • PlayStation TV, PS3, PS4

How To Activate Crackle On A Smart TV

You can use Sony Crackle on multiple streaming devices and here’s how you can activate crackle on a smart TV. Here’s how you can go through a Smart TV Sony crackle activate.

  • Firstly, Go to the native app store on your TV, search for the crackle, and install the application.
  • Open the Sony Crackle Application. A pop up must show up with an activation code.
  • On your PC or smartphone, go to crackle.com/activate.
  • Enter the code in the box, click on “Next” and follow the commands listed on the website.

That’s all. You got your Sonycrackle com to activate code and the Sony Crackle application should now work on your Smart TV. Make sure that you are signed in to your account on your primary smartphone or computer before getting the Sony crackle activation code.

Activate Crackle on Amazon TV

To activate Crackle TV on Amazon Fire TV, follow the steps below.

Activate Crackle on Amazon TV

  • Download and install Sony Crackle TV App on your Amazon Fire TV
  • Go to Fire TV >> My Crackle
  • Click on “Activate This Device”
  • You will see the Crackle TV activate code on your TV screen
  • Go to www.crackle.com/activate using your computer browser
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  • Next, sign in to your Crackle.com account
  • Just wait for a few minutes for your Crackle account to be linked to your Amazon Fire TV.