The Best Voice Assistants For Cars

Technology has become an indispensable factor in all sectors and no exception to the automobile. In fact, it would seem impossible to imagine new car models without the typical sensor that warns you not to have fastened your seat belt, without infotainment systems, screens, and Dashcam cameras for cars.

The Best Voice Assistants For Cars

In recent years, technology has made great strides and today it is possible to bring our favorite home voice assistant even in the car. For the most advanced cars it is possible to use the voice assistant via Android Auto or Apple Carplay, while for Alexa, this native integration is only possible via Echo Auto. A device similar to Alexa for your home but designed for the needs of those who drive.

What to ask a voice assistant in a car

I am sure that many of you have already tried the usefulness of having a voice assistant at home, it is very useful for obtaining quick information and for executing voice commands without using your fingers. Let’s see with some examples what to ask a voice assistant in the car and why it is useful.

These are just some of the many examples we can interact with a voice assistant while driving. Obviously, for each voice command, it is necessary to precede “Ok Google”, “Hey Google”, “Hey Siri” or “Alexa” depending on the installed voice assistant.

Add the Google Assistant to your car

Taking Google with us in the car is quite simple if we have a car equipped with Android Auto. This is a standard created by Google that allows you to extend some features of an Android smartphone directly on the main dashboard of the car. In order to use Google Assistant in the car, your car must therefore be equipped with the Android Auto standard and your smartphone has an Android 10 or later operating system.

Configuration procedure

If you have a car with Android Auto onboard and a smartphone with at least Android 10, you can proceed with the configuration. The first step is to download the Android Auto app from the store, then you need to configure the smartphone with Android Auto via USB cable.

Voice Assistants

On the official website, you will find all the steps to be able to do it quickly. To check if your car is compatible, look here. Once configured, you can activate Google Assistant from the dedicated button on the car’s steering wheel.

Use the Google Assistant via bluetooth headphones in the car

If you don’t have Android Auto, another alternative to communicate with the Google assistant is through the use of bluetooth headphones. They are very useful in the car even when your car does not have a hands-free system or when the listening quality of the car’s bluetooth offers a very bad experience. Obviously, the possibilities of use via bluetooth headphones are limited to the sole interaction with the voice assistant, thus excluding integration with the car audio system, but it is a good starting solution.

To do this, simply pair the bluetooth headphones to your Android smartphone, from the bluetooth settings by pressing on “Pair device“. Here you will find more information about it. You can then call up Google Assistant after wearing the Bluetooth headphones directly via a button or touch area.

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