The Alternative was created to be the music site that we wanted to exist. A site with impeccable taste, quality content, and intelligent stances on important issues.

The Alternative pledges itself to providing you (our readers) with only the best music and art. Our taste is our resume and our resume is good. You can trust our recommendations. While our staff may frequently disagree on specific albums and artists, no member of our staff has poor taste, and we will never dishonestly promote music we do not believe in. This has been the foundational principle of The Alternative from the very beginning. The goal will always be to recommend the best music possible.

We will use our platform to speak out on important issues and stand up for what we believe in. Whether that be in an Op-Ed column, on social media, or by our actions. We will not tolerate racism, sexism, classism, fascism or any other ignorant and harmful beliefs. We will always side with generosity, intelligence, and love over greed, bigotry, and hate. No one is perfect and no one is always right. If we are ever in the wrong, we will change. The Alternative will strive for the best in ourselves, the music industry, and the world.

Good music and good causes. We do this because we love it. Hope you enjoy it.